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This section of the Unholy Death Knight Guide explains the best relic trait choices for the Netherlight Crucible, a new system of artifact weapon progression added in Patch 7.3 Legion. This guide is currently updated and maintained by Veiss Versa, who has been a raider in various DPS capacities for 9 years, and is currently
This guide contains everything you need to know to be an excellent Unholy Death Knight in WoW Legion 7.3.2.
4 Aug 2017
Death Knight Leveling is fast and easy as DKs are one of the more effective classes in the game. Here's how to level your Death Knight even faster.
29 Aug 2016 Detailed World of Warcraft leveling guide for Death Knights to accompany you from level 100 to level 110: abilities, talents, tips, etc.
Best Unholy Death Knight DPS Guide in WoW Legion 7.3. Level 110.
Blood is great for leveling. AoE dps while leveling is about as good as the dps specs (maybe better when bonestorm is up), and you can solo everything. Pull all the mobs you can reach before pausing to kill anything. Also, tank specs can't get dazed off mounts, so you can just run through stuff until you
Best Unholy Death Knight DPS Talents and Build Guide in WoW Legion 7.3. Level 110.
9 Jan 2017 Tips on making the fastest unholy DK leveling spec 7.3 talent build. Guide includes best lvling talents for dungeon and questing.
28 Aug 2017 Tier 1 (Level 56) Talents. On this page, we present the viable talent choices for Unholy Death Knights in World of Warcraft Legion 7.3.2. We detail what each of the talents do and in which situations they should be taken.