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This will give you Sprinter. Level up the Microchu up to 24 using whatever items you want. Infuse the Silver Chocobo with the Microchu @ lvl 24. This will give your chocobo the Marathoner and Health Nut abilities. A Prize Winning Bird. The strategy for this is to use the "Stay at the back" mode in each race.
3 Apr 2012
10 Apr 2012 Colosseum - Final Fantasy XIII-2: The Colosseum DLC offers players the chance to really challenge themselves. Each pack will provide new bosses that you can fight against and sometime
Strategist Achievement in Final Fantasy XIII-2: Performed a multitude of paradigm shifts - worth 18 GamerScore. Find guides to this achievement here.
16 Dec 2014 Infusion Order: Lv. 24 Tonberry; Lv. 02 Chunerpeton; Lv. 18 Fencer; Lv. 10 Blue Chocobo; Lv. 30 Pink Lily; Lv. 01 Yeoman; Lv. 01 Yeoman; Lv. 30 Frag Leech (learn Faultsiphon); Lv. 23 Mewmao; Lv. 54 Forked Cat. Additional Notes: While leveling Omega, use Power for levels 2-50, 52-60, 62-65, 67-80, 85,
Final Fantasy XIII-2's temporal rift puzzles are logic puzzles a lot like So here are. For Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Monster infusion guide for Chichu". XIII-2 The Omega is a downloadable content monster from Final Fantasy XIII-2. Strategy Edit the latter can be
***Always use the last racing strategy and do not use your boost until Blue Streak is activated*** 8. Closing comments -The reason I did not infuse microchu is because of the Health Nut ability. What that does is makes sure your chocobo never falls below normal mood. While that means you will rarely if ever
26 Oct 2012 .Revised Passive Ability Definitions section to include all monster-related passive abilities with more detailed definitions. .Revised Tameable Monster Section to include base HP, Strength, and Magic min/max values (Credit: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania). .Revised Example Build: Chichu section. .Revised
XIII-2 The PuPu appear as part of Final Fantasy XIII-2's downloadable content in a challenge
16 Apr 2012