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3 Mar 2013 500px will resize your images to fit different display resolutions on the web .. Hello Jason, I am new to 500px and found your guide invaluable.
Here's the same photo uploaded on 500px and on Buyer's Guide and Dpreview - What camera to buy? Lens sample archive How am I supposed to sell my images if they look blurry and low-res on my marketplace?
High resolution images must not contain watermarks, signatures, or borders. Guidelines to require that Contributors submitting Commercial images do not
26 Mar 2012 Photos are displayed at 2048px on their longest edge. Have a read on 500px support page for more details.
If you'd like to sell your photos in the Marketplace be sure to save them with the require a high resolution file with a minimum of 3000px on the longest edge.
So it's best to upload highest resolution you have (which you'll also be able to download back, sort of as a backup ;) and let 500px do the rest, serving the right
On 500px you have the option of uploading a low resolution photo for display, and then providing a separate high resolution file that will be used only for sales.
The Ultimate Guide for Social Media Image Dimensions For 2017 – with Infographic: Twitter Header Size (or cover photo) : 1500 x 500 px your professional profile, we recommend that you use the 968 x 545 px resolution, keeping the most
He specializes in shooting high-resolution images and time-lapse films of the night sky. Scroll down for his gear guide and expert tips! 2012 Perseid Meteor
20 Aug 2015 Pixels are usually abbreviated from to PX when describing image sizes. An image size that is described as 500px x 400px is one that's 500